How To Get Started Making Money Online

In this post I talk about what you need to do to get started making money online.

First of all, you have to just pick something and go do it.  Most people stop short and ask, but what to do first?  It really doesn’t matter what comes first. What matters is that you actually do get started.  So dive in and get some things happening.

Think of it this way.  If you don’t get started somewhere, you have no chance of making any extra money online, and that is guaranteed.

If it’s helpful, here is a list of items I can suggest as starting points (in no particular order):

(Download as PDF: Get-Started-Making-Money-Online)

  • Write down your ideas or your vision for a successful online business
  • Describe your target audience
  • Order a domain name and web hosting
  • Write a list of blog post ideas you’ve had in the back of your mind
  • Set up social media pages on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or others
  • Join some online groups and forums based on your niche topic
  • Follow this website and sign up for the newsletter
  • Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account
  • Sign up for Google adsense
  • Sign up for Clickbank
  • Once you have a domain and hosting:
    • Install WordPress and plugins
    • Start writing blog posts based on your ideas above
    • Install a custom theme and/or hire a designer to customize further
    • Share blog posts on social media
    • Engage with others interested in your topic and tell them about your website
    • Place Amazon, Clickbank or Adsense ads on your site
    • Sign up for Aweber or Mailchimp and start a newsletter
    • Create products to sell:
      • Ebooks
      • Online courses
      • Audio podcasts
    • Start selling your products.

That’s over 20 things you can do to get started earning an online income.

To make things even easier I put the list above into a PDF format for download here: Make Money Online – Getting Started List

The point is to just get the ball rolling.  Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting yourself moving and getting that snowball building up.  But once it’s moving it’s much easier to keep it going.  Take the next steps, pick another item from the list and go from there.

Building a Successful Online Business

Any successful online business is built like any other business, step by step, brick by brick.  The only difference between an online business and an offline one is the technical know-how that is sometimes involved in dealing with websites and internet marketing campaigns.

But lack of technical expertise shouldn’t be enough to stop you from at least getting started.  The internet is full of information to help you through every step along the way.

So my #1 recommendation on how to get started making money online is to just dive right in.  Starting anywhere is so much better than never starting at all.  Pick a place from the above list and do that.  Then pick another item and do that.  Next thing you know, you have things up and running.

For a step-by-step nicely ordered list of what to do, generally speaking I would suggest the following

  1. Pick a topic or ‘niche’ to get involved in.
  2. Order a related domain name and website hosting.
  3. Set up WordPress (or similar content-publishing software)
  4. Sign up for affiliate links, sponsored ads, or products to promote (can be either your own or others)
  5. Start publishing content and engaging your target audience.
  6. Optimize, test and tweak
  7. Never stop learning!

And so there you have it. A 20+ checklist of starting points and a 7-point list of the general steps it takes to get going so that you can earn money online.

Generating an online income these days has truly never been easier. The only thing preventing you from making money over the internet is you.

If you haven’t read my Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online – go read it now!

If I can help in any way or answer any questions, I’m always available and happy to help.

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