Get Paid To Write Articles Online

Get Paid to Write Articles OnlineOne great way of making extra income online is by writing articles. Some websites will pay you to write articles for them (yes, even if you don’t have experience yet).

Getting started is easy, although the pay may be lower for those who are new to writing. If you are good at it, you can improve your reputation and increase your income for the articles you write.

Websites that pay you to write for them

Following is a list of websites that pay writers for their articles:

1. College Humor

College Humor is one of the largest comedy sites on the internet. For a single page article, they pay $35. For a larger multi-page article, they pay you $50.

* They also pay to create comedic picture galleries, from $25-$35 depending on size.

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2. Work Online Blog

Work Online Blog is aimed at writers, freelancers, businesses and bloggers, and provides information on utilizing the internet for business growth.

If you have had success in any of these areas – as a contractor, business owner, freelancer or blogger, this writing program currently pays $50 per article published.

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3. ACHS Holistic Health and Wellness Blog

ACHS publishes articles on all things related to holistic health, for example: Holistic Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Health and Wellness.

They are looking for blog posts of 600-1000 words, and pay $50 for each published post.

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4. Listverse

Listverse is a ‘Top 10 List Site’ that publishes lists of things, specializing in bizarre and lesser-known trivia. Example lists articles are “Top 10 People Who Are Not Citizens Of Any Country” and “10 Secret Space Program Insiders”.

They pay $100 for each published top 10 list.

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