The First Step To Building An Online Business

The very first step in building a business online is having an idea for it.

That’s obvious, right?

But, here’s the thing. It’s also really overlooked.

You have to have a specific idea in mind. A game plan with details that you go after step by step.

It’s so important to understand that if you have the idea, written down and planned out, then you are already on your way to building an internet business and making money online.

Everything starts with an idea

Maybe you want to blog about cooking, or parenting, or travel or something that interests you.  And maybe from that blog you could display ads on the website.

Well there you go!  Plenty of people are doing this and making money online from it.

The question is – What’s stopping you?

The only thing left is the technical stuff.  Creating the website, displaying some ads and getting it done.

Or, maybe you have an idea for selling your own products and services.  Or maybe a membership site with lessons, videos and courses.

There are lots of ways to make money online, but you have to take those next steps and clear the technical hurdles at some point to make it happen.

How to get over the technical hurdles

This is where I can help.  My mission is to help guide others in these early stages of knocking out the technical details and being on the way to earning money online.

For me the technical stuff is easy.  I’ve been working full time in web design, SEO and online marketing since 2003. (more about me here)

My goal is to help make it easy for you.  To show you exactly what needs to be done to go from $0 to making your very first dollar online.  And from there the sky is the limit.

Whatever your idea is, you need to take action

The longer you wait, the more potential income you’ll be missing out on.

If you haven’t read it already, go through my Beginner’s Guide to Earning an Online Income.

Also consider joining my closed Facebook group: How You Make Money Online.

Getting back to the original point, having the idea itself is one of the most important things of all, if not the most important.  From that idea all the rest can be worked out.

So if you have your own idea for creating a website and building a business out of it, congratulations, you have already got started.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them!

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